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My Background

My Inspiration

My Background

The Masters Studio (est. 2006) has taught art of various mediums to students since 2006.  

Come visit our on-site gallery, original art and services are available for purchase by owner.

MEET Larry Bullington:  Instructor, artist, playwright, pastor, former school teacher, and Vietnam veteran.

Mr. Bullington has an Associate's in Sacred Literature, a Bachelor's in Ministry, and a Master's in Fine Arts.

As an ordained  Southern Baptist Minister, Mr. Bullington has also married over 1,000 couples.

 Mr. Bullington was deemed by a recent article in the Times Free Press,

(06/17/2018, by Lisa Denton

A "Prolific Philanthropist", as he has made various donations to a variety of charitable organizations for over 10 years, including

The Friends of the Library, The Ivy School, and Nickels for Nepal

(they assist in building and supplying schools).

*Photo taken from CHATTER magazine: Special Wedding Edition (See Featured).

*For more information on making donations to the charitable organizations listed, please visit our FEATURED section.


My Medium

My Inspiration

My Background

I work with a variety of mediums.

I believe that working in a single medium is restrictive to my artistic process. 

Each idea manifests in it's own individual style.

* Artwork Aboriginal Snake, 16x20 Paint Pen $199 (On sale now, visit our GALLERY)  


My Inspiration

My Inspiration

My Inspiration

In my spare time, I enjoy alien documentaries, collecting and playing music, movies, and playing with our wiener dog, Oscar.  

Any of my pieces can be directly influenced by my favorite music, renowned artists like Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Pollack and Klee

I love thinking outside of the box and I feel that really reflects in my work.

*Artwork taken from BLUE MAN YELLOW HOUSE, written and illustrated by Mr. Bullington, (available for reprint). See more in FEATURED.